The Center provides information, knowledge and experiences to support education facilities  in building internal quality assurance in accordance to  international standards to improve training quality to reach the Asia – Pacific level. Accordingly, the Center conducts researches and shares data in quality assurance to helps schools identify challenges in education quality assurance activities.

Base on the quality accreditation results of institutions, the Center supplies assessment  technologies to assess programs on professional standards in  sectors to adapt the requirements from employers and suggest possible solutions for regular program development. These activities are designed to, identify the needs and support the training program of institutions  with the participation of  employing units..

The Center also organizes conferences, seminars and other activities, enable relevant stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences in  internationally standardized internal quality assurance.

The training conference on program- level and institution-level external quality assessment the  according to the international standard (FIBAA)was organized in November, 2017 in Can Tho. For more information, click here .

The international   science conference on STEM Education for e Cuu Long river delta region development was organized in November, 2017 in Can Tho. For more information, click  here

The international science conference on National Qualifications Framework Program development  was organized in March,2017 in Nha Trang. For more information, click here.

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