To prepare for new trends in international higher-education development, Vietnamese higher-education facilities should constantly change to adapt to required development demands . Among the issues that attract more and more attentions are  higher-education governance reform, especially higher-education management system changing to enhance autonomy and accountability. For boosting financial resources for institutions from services fees, the institutions are required to expand their relationship network with corporate in private sectors and other stakeholders. In addition to enhanced autonomy for institutions, the administrative role of the government also shifts from direct management to supervising using management tools; To support institutions and other stakeholders in such a new context, the Center carries out researches on professional development for managers, lecturers, and students. Our researches are conducted to supply more thorough understandings of the development roles of each stakeholders in the changing environment and to support  higher education development. Our research results will be hand down to the interested  people and agencies through our  forums, conferences,  as well as our education leadership and management training workshops and other training activities for lecturers and students.

On the other hand, the Center acts as a bridge to connect lecturers and students with entrepreneurs, bring internship opportunities in domestic and international industries or universities. Our attempts are to utilize resources and effectively apply  research results to support mentioned subjects in professional development and support better university functioning.

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