Research ability, in our view, should include knowledge and skills in difference levels:

– Personal level: Focusing on enhancing professional development for lectures, emphasizingresearch missions, including research fund applicating, international article publishing, post-graduated student supervising,…

– Institution level: Focusing on research culture building, looking for resources, supervising research projects,  research cooperation promoting and competing for international funding etc,

– National level: Looking deeply into scientific policies, technology and renovation, identifying research priorities, research funding distribution mechanism,  activities operating and coordinating, effective supervising system,  impact assessment, etc.

Accordingly, the Center cooperate with domestic and international bodies and stakeholders to carry out various activities serving research ability development. Our activities aims to supply lectures researchers specialized on higher–education as well as other researchers with neccessary information for research ability development to obtain further success within their fields. of the needed information,

The Science Research Skills training workshop will be held September in Hanoi. Click here for more information

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